Our Pellet Stove Refurbishing - Cleaning & blasting that nasty rusty fire box and super rusty baffle panels!

Posted on 10 Jun 10:58

This Quadrafire CB1200 Free Standing Classic Bay pellet stove has see alot of good use but works extremely well.

I brought out the Big Gun by using a 40 lb Abrasion blaster connected to a 210 PSI DeWalt compressor using Black Diamond - ultra fine (Coal Slag) but that is not all that is needed to perk this boy up!
Getting and setting up a good blaster and air compressor is only part of my secret.

Ultra fine Black diamond is a little messy but works extremely well

Pic 1 - Before Refurbish

Pic 2 - Rusty Top Panels

Pic 3 - Abrasion Blaster using Black Diamond

Pic 4 - Baffle Blasting - "Gets the Rust Out"

Pic 5 - Removing the white calcium residue from the Black Diamond coal slag

Pic 6 - Almost Done blasting!

Pic 7 - Smooth with Emory Cloth

Pic 8 - Acetone wipe - 3 times over to get the oil and dirt off!

Pic 9 - Paint with Flame Proof Ultra High Temp Flat black paint

Pic 10 - Fire Box Finished!

Pic 11 - All Finished