Our Pellet Stove Refurbishing - Cleaning & blasting that nasty rusty fire box and super rusty baffle panels!

This Quadrafire CB1200 Free Standing Classic Bay pellet stove has see alot of good use but works extremely well. I brought out the Big Gun by using a 40 lb Abrasion blaster connected to a 210 PSI DeWalt compressor using Black Diamond - ultra fine (Coal Slag) but that is not all that is needed to perk this boy up!Getting and setting up a good blaster and air compressor is...
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Door, Ash Pan, Glass, Hopper Lid Rope Gasket Maintenance Why I Recommend Graphite Gaskets

I have replaced many rope gaskets while servicing stoves. These gaskets are important for keeping a pellet stove air tight for a lively flame and maximum heat. From my experience, after 3 or 4 years, these rope gaskets become frayed or hard and brittle and need replacement. These rope gaskets are used on the Fire Door, Ash Pan, Window Glass, and Hopper Lid. Round rope gasket is used for fire...
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