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Magnum Baby CountrySide Cleaning & Exhaust or Combustion Blower Upgrade

All stoves need the proper amounts of fuel and oxygen to burn properly.

Why is an upgrade needed?
The Magnum Baby CountrySide puts out alot of heat and is a great rugged stove. All stoves need to be cleaned of pellet ash in all their chambers and venting to keep burning well. The Baby CountrySide has a horseshoe area (See pic 1 below) in the firebox that circulates the hot burn air full of ash to make the stove hot and to produce it's good heat. The vertical chambers or air pleneums are open at the end so the ash drops down conviently to the ash pan. The horizontal chamber at the top is where the pellet ash builds up enough to completely choke the stove from breathing and cause the heat level 2 light to flash and not work anymore. This often takes 3-4 years to happen. This area is not very accessible and extremely hard to cleanout!

Also the original exhaust blower is 85 CFM.

What we do to get your baby burning better than new
We open the right side door and install a new cleaning port in the precise location for a compressor so the desperatly needed cleaning can be properly done.
Then with 150 PSI compressor, the ash is blasted out down into the ash pan and ash vac.

We install the upgraded higher speed 105 CFM. This gives more air to the burn pot and air wash. Therefore the pellets burn better and the door glass stays cleaner longer.

The ash pan and door gasket are also replaced with a high quality graphite impregnated gaskets. This prevents a lazy flame and the #2 light flashing vacuum error.

The results are staggering!
In the case shown below a digital manometer was employed to get a baseline before this special cleaning was done. The manometer was connected to the vacuum port on the back of the firewall. Then an AC test cord was plugged into the new high speed (105 CFM) exhaust blower and the reading was a mere -0.40 WG. This is too low to keep the stove burning.

After blowing the top plenum out and putting the stopper in the new port, The manometer read -1.60 WG.

That is FOUR times greater ! ! !

Typical results on a well maintained stove with the origninal 85 CFM exhaust blower can measure -0.90 WG before the cleaning upgrade and -1.25 WG after.
However even these results can increase the heat output at level 3 from 210 Deg F to 230 Deg F after the cleaning. That is a 20 Deg increase!

The fire is now a swirling monster and the stove is cranking out the heat better than it ever did before!

Click here >> See our Magnum Baby CountrySide cleaning video demo here.

Click on pictures below to enlarge
Pic 1 - shows horseshoe area with inaccessible top chamber that needs cleaning.
Pic 2 - shows extreemley low manometer reading of -0.40 WG with high speed blower running at full speed.
Pic 3 - shows special cleaning needed.
Pic 4 - shows stove now burning better than it ever did!


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