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Travis - Avalon Astoria Firebox Re-Do

"The colors are so vibrant and match our decor better than the original red firebrick!"
Don - Salem NH

Travis - Lopi Pioneer Bay Complete Re-Build
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The Avalon Astoria pellet stove above comes stock with Red FireBrick backing for a great traditional look.
After 3 seasons it just became tired looking but still works!

" I was very impressed with the quality of work Don did on our Pellet Stove. The stove came to us spray painted in blue and gold graffiti. Now that it has been restored it looks brand new! I look forward to the cold winter days knowing I have a beautiful pellet stove to enjoy once again. Thanks Don" 
Julie - Hampstead NH


If you are happy with your stove and it provides you with the warmth and comfort you need, then re-new it!
At Pellet Stove Master we can make it work like new and look like new!
Also we can update colors to modernize the look and match your decor.

In the Pellet Stove Master shop we gave it the special deep cleaning and gasket change plus the updated color scheme.

High Temperature Copper Brick and Surf Sand for the Mortar. Now it works like new and it not only looks new but matches the decor!
Just ask us what color scheme we can do for you?


Small stoves $499 * Plus Parts (Gaskets, Motors and Electrical Parts...etc)
Large stoves $699 * Plus Parts (Gaskets, Motors and Electrical Parts...etc)

* Note:
The base cost of $499 or $699 does include cleaning, painting and all chemicals and emery cloth for the refurbish. Cleaning includes servicing all working parts. Sevicing includes cleaning, lubricate and graphite protection.

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