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Custom Hearths

"When I purchased my pellet stove from the Pellet Stove Master, I picked out the tiles, stain, and rope light color for my custom lighted raised hearth to match my decor!"
Bernadette - Plymouth MA

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At Pellet Stove Master we can build a stove hearth with the tiles you pick out!
You do not have to pay $300 dollars and settle for a pre-made tile hearth and compromise in your color design and room decor!

We can build a raised hearth with the rope light option for safety. Instead of accidently bumping into hot burning glass, the hearth will act as a safety stop.

At Pellet Stove Master just pickout the 9 - 12" square ceramic or porcelan tiles and tells us what color stain or paint.
We do the rest!

As an additional option we can install your choice of any color rope lighting for your creative mood!
We also can tile your wall and build or install a mantel. See pic below.


Prices start at $200

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